Feast of St. Pius X – 3rd September

St. Pius X (1835 – 1914) was the son of the village postman at Reise in northern Italy. After a brilliant and virtuous scholastic career, he was ordained priest and distinguished himself by his zeal both as professor in the seminary and in the care of souls in various parishes. As Bishop of Mantua and later Patriarch of Venice, he lovingly cared for his flock and was especially active in promoting Catholic social action. In particular, he was noted for his boundless generosity to the poor and afflicted. After his election as Pope he devoted the same vigilant charity to the service and care of the Universal Church. Among his achievements were the suppression of the modernist heresy, the reform of the Missal and Breviary and the codification of the canon law. Above all his fame rest on the promotion of frequent and daily communion, even for the very young. He was beatified in 1951 by Pope Pius XII who also canonised him on 30th May 1954.

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