Fr. Trauner’s Sermon 20th Sunday after Pentecost

In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost.

My dearly beloved in Our Lord,

Today’s readings shall be another opportunity to speak about a fundamental characteristic of our present combat.

The man asking Our Lord to cure his dying son, is rebuked by Christ. For, as St Gregory the Great explains, he was doubting Our Lord’s power. He did not simply ask him to cure his son, but to go all the long way to his town in order to do so. – The Roman centurion had acted in the opposite fashion: Our Lord proposing to come to his home in order to cure his son, he had confessed that he was unworthy of receiving him under his roof; but by a single word from his mouth, he could cure him even without being physically present. Our Lord praised him for his great faith.

In likewise manner St Paul tells us to see that we walk circumspectly; not as unwise, but as wise – redeeming the time, because the days are evil.

The modern age striving to become autonomous, i.e. independent from God’s law and from natural law, is acting in a very unwise and foolish manner indeed.

The “good pope John” Angelo Roncalli brought things to a head by speaking out against “the prophets of doom” in his opening speech of Vatican2. Had he been circumspect, that is, had he looked around himself carefully, he would have seen the true “signs of times”; he would have been cautious and would have renounced calling a universal council, just as his predecessors Pius XI and Pius XII had rejected this idea. But no! He thought, and said that the times were good; and that they were going to be much better still, due to the “new Pentecost” which his council would bring about. Thus he did not “redeem his time”, but profoundly and viciously poisoned it.

Modern man generally acts like the ruler in today’s Gospel: He wildly mixes good and evil, belief and disbelief or doubt. Intrigued or seduced by “modern science” he rejects the objective divine Revelation and puts himself on the sandy ground of “systematic doubt”.

But systematic doubt leads to lunacy and loss of mind. Just imagine yourself getting up one morning and asking yourself: “Do I really exist? How can I know for sure I do exist?” Or for those who are married: “Is this really my husband/my wife? Are these my children? How can I find out that this is certainly so?”

Asking such questions is already a sign of madness! How can one doubt his own existence? How can you doubt that which is obvious?

On the other hand the same “modern man” is capable of taking something for certain or for granted which is totally untrue. How many historical facts have been called “conspiracy theories” before the truth has become public. The truth or reality has always remained the same – but the human minds had been in profound error with regards to the truth.

Similarly in the domain of the true religion many today ask themselves questions like: “How do I know the pope is not the Pope?” “How can you say the Pope is not the Pope?” “Why do you say that religious liberty is not a human right?” All such questions are basically impossible to answer because they are so badly worded; their very formulation expresses a profound lack of thinking.

Were we to “walk with caution, circumspectly”, as St Pauls tells us to, we would not commit so many errors in our thinking. With regards to today’s situation of the Church, or rather the situation of the Authority in the Church, we would then go to the roots of the question and cautiously find out the immutable doctrine about the Church founded by Christ. Quite easily we would realize that what superficially presents itself as “the Catholic Church” is a fraud: that each single feature that Christ has established in the Church which he has founded, has been altered and deteriorated, but keeping the same “labels” “Catholic” and “Church”. None of her essential marks – that she is one, holy, catholic and apostolic – has been left intact; the liturgy, the universal laws and disciplines, the very teaching has been altered; the notion of believing and of faith have been changed and spoiled. So why call it “the Catholic Church”? – Only in order to seduce the greatest number of souls possible.

The great problem for many minds is that the imposture “catholic church” has not been separated legally from the Catholic Church by the Authority. This is why such a general confusion is still possible. But once you realize this fact, the entity which has issued from Vatican2 collapses in front of your mind like a house of cards, and you will not be fooled any longer.

But such is the degradation of “the modern mind” that it doubts that which by definition cannot be doubted – the objective truth, and foremost the revealed Truth. And that it takes for granted that which does not make any sense – a “Catholic Church” with obviously devious doctrines etc.; or, on a different plane, things like “women’s right” or “freedom of choice” meaning “murder, abortion”; “economic growth” meaning “progressive slavery”; “freedom of movement” meaning “destabilization and uprooting of traditional culture”.

Our Lord has taken the man asking for his son to be cured for what he truly was. He rebuked him severely for having so little faith as to ask him to do a day’s journey instead of healing his son right from the spot where he then was… and in answer to the little faith he had – induced by the many miracles wrought by Our Lord – he cured his son, thus pushing him to increase his faith and hope in Our Lord’s word and power.

Similarly in this unprecedented situation of the Authority in the Church, we have to increase in Faith and Hope with each day passing. Our Lord has promised that the Church founded by him will not perish; we better believe it instead of asking ourselves: “How can the Church exist for decades without her visible head, the Vicar of Christ?” Why challenge or question something Our Lord has promised? We know the Church can never perish, or defect from the Truth. We know this through Christ’s promise: So why doubt it? Any single member of the Church can defect from the Faith, even a pastor of souls; the Church cannot defect.

Cannot the miracle of the sun as it happened during Our Lady’s last apparition in Fatima, just 100 years ago, be a small hint to the present situation? The divine sun, the true light, is the Church’s teaching authority. The sun in Fatima seemed to fall from the skies; today the magisterium seems to have disappeared and to have crushed the children of the earth. – On the other hand, the 70.000 onlookers, drenched by rain during the morning hours, found themselves not only unharmed, but also miraculously dried after this miracle. Does this not indicate a very special providence and protection from above, for those who stunned, but believing, are in the midst of the great struggle between light and darkness today?

So let us take courage from what we hear and read in today’s Mass. Let us walk with caution, making sure that the good beginning of our Christian life be crowned by a good end. Let us not doubt Christ’s power, for he is truly almighty. Let us implore him through the intercession of his Blessed Mother who is our Mother also, and he will refuse us no grace.

In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost.

You can download a copy for yourself here: sermon 171022 20thSun a Pent

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